September 2008 Bus Trip to Corydon and Louisville

On September 19 to 21 the club made a trip to the Corydon Quarry, Corydon, IN and the Falls of the Ohio State Park in Louisville, KY.

Thanks to Bob Schumer for providing these pictures

The first stop was at a shop where glassblowing was done

Mich08Trip1.jpg Mich08Trip2.jpg

The Corydon Quarry was the next stop, where club members collected pink dolomite and other minerals.

Mich08Trip3.jpg Mich08Trip4.jpg

The final stop was at the Falls of the Ohio State Park
Interpretive Center. Alan Goldstein, the Resident Paleontologist, had arranged for material from one of the Fluorite mines in the area to be dumped near the Center.

Here's the Interpretive Center:


And the group:


This was a piece of the material from the Fluorite mine


And a mastadon skeleton on display inside the Center